Iris Flowers Blooming

Previous Next The Iris Patch has started blooming! This Bright Yellow Bearded Iris Flower is a new bloomer! We were tickled to see the Flower! I went and thinned out the Iris Patch last year! This Iris thanked us with these blooms! You can see this Bright Yellow Bearded Iris stands out from the Purple […]

Colors Of The Four Oclock Flowers

Welcome to our garden here in the High Desert of Oregon! I would like to show you some of our Four Oclock Flowers planted for the 2017 growing season!

Cleome Spider Flowers

Previous Next We like trying new flowers here in our garden in the High Desert of Oregon. These are no different! Guy brought home a seed pack and the flower on the front was real pretty so we figured let’s put the seeds down and see what happens! This Cleome had us going there at […]

Bumblebees Are Back

Previous Next The blooming of the flowers brings such things as the Bumblebees! This Bumblebee is working on our Lupine Flowers. Round and round the Bumblebee goes! One thing you can be sure of is? These Bumblebee’s are to hard at work to really care that we are watching! At times the Bumblebee’s will fly […]

Hawk Moth On The Lilac Flowers

Previous Next Meet the Hawk Moth that was feeding on our lilac flowers in May of 2017! I did just upload a post I wrote back in 2014 of these moths that is found here . Information of this Hawk Moth has not changed, however my photography has since 2014! To bring you the best […]

Hummingbird On The Columbine Flower

Previous Next Meet the Rufous Hummingbird that we have here at our garden more so then the other species of Hummingbird! This Rufous Hummingbird is right on time this year too! They come back every year about the same time. I had went into the back gate when I seen this Rufous Hummingbird getting something […]

Common Yellowthroat

Previous Next Meet the Common Yellowthroat bird! Colorful little guy who stopped by the house for a visit! This Common Yellowthroat visited us this time in May 2013 . I photographed this one at one of our ponds. I sat near off in my spot the birds get used to me being in as I […]

Red breasted Nuthatch Visiting

Previous Next The little nuthatch was captured with my camera just doing what Red-breasted Nuthatches do in a pine tree! On this day I was doing my chores, you know the domestic goddess stuff I am not all that good at? When I happened to hear a bird call out. The bird was right outside […]


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