Columbine Flowers Blooming in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Columbine Flowers we grow here in our garden! Unlike my other post, “Life on the Columbine Flower”, this will be just the Columbine flowers themselves. The Columbine that we grow is the “old world”, species. That is they have beautiful spikes. The new hybrids do not have these spikes. However we […]

Poppy Flowers In The Garden

Previous Next Meet the Poppy Flower! Or the salt and pepper shaker flower. One thing all Poppy flowers have in common is the seed pod. When dried they are like salt and pepper shakers! Many of us have learned this from childhood and it is a good way of remembering them! Above photograph is a […]

Hoverfly a Beneficial Insect

Previous Next Meet the Hoverfly! In the last four years of writing about my photography you may have seen several posts about the Hoverfly? The family of the Hoverfly is a pretty large family. I welcome the Hoverfly to our garden at least this species ( Scaeva pyrastri (?) to be technical), they are a […]

Sunflowers From My Garden

Previous Next On this day in September of 2014 the day was cloudy. I still got some photographs. The sunflower is a yearly flower we grow for the beauty and for the birds. The colorful sunflower above has the tiny black sunflower seeds that contain oils that the big seeds contain, though not as much […]

Four Oclock Flowers in Bloom

Previous Next Meet the Four O’Clock Flowers that were blooming here in our garden in the high desert of Oregon! We placed the big seeds here and there not knowing where they were going to like what spot the best. They bloomed where we could get NO other flower to bloom along with blooming through […]

Gloriosa Daisy Flowers Blooming in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Gloriosa Daisy! Much like the Black Eyed Susan however the Gloriosa has more color! We looked and looked for seeds and I had to go to the internet to get the seeds shipped to our home to plant. Several plants with several colors of the Gladiosa Flowers sprang up! These photographs […]

Variety of Moss Rose Flower Colors

Previous Next Meet the Moss Rose Flower! This is a species of flower I really do insist on having every year. I like them, I really like them! The Moss Rose comes in several colors! Here in the High Desert of Oregon we grow these in containers mostly. Why? Well, they tend to like peat […]

Verbena Flower Blooms

Previous Next Meet the Verbena Flower. Some folks may know them called other names? I need some color who knows you may as well? We grow our Verbena in a large flower pot in direct east sunlight. The flowers do well in this direct sunlight, the camera does tend to throw a fit in this […]

Bachelor Button Flower and The Hoverfly

Previous Next Meet the Hoverfly. This is one of the species of Hoverflys we have here at home. The flower in which the Hoverfly is working on is the Bachelor Button Flower or the Cornflower I notice in Europe (or my European friends call them the Cornflower). The Bachelor Button Flower or Corn Flower is […]

Sweat Bee and the Wild Strawberry

Previous Next Meet the Sweat Bee. Rather pretty in color with the fluorescent green dont you think? The flower the Sweat Bee is feeding on is a wild Strawberry plant that just started growing on it’s own. No doubt the seeds coming from the birds? I dont mean to photographs these Sweat Bee’s on yellow […]


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