Honeybees on The Red Poppy Flowers

Previous Next Meet the Honeybees that were on these Poppy Flowers of August 1, 2014! We do seam to be a stopping point for many pollinators during the peak blooming time of the year. This is now March still and we are getting the flower beds ready for 2015 flowering season by pulling weeds, seeding,waiting […]

Coneflower Blooms

Previous Next Hope your weekend went well! Meet the Coneflower and visitor from the photographs from July 25 2014 I am working on this morning. As you can see by the end of July the Coneflower are not at their peek. These Coneflower were placed in a spot facing the southern sun in front of […]

Moss Roses in Bloom

Previous Next Meet again the Moss Rose! These Moses Roses were in full boom and photographed on September 04 2014. We grew these in a container, since the Moss Ross seams to do better for us in a container then they grow in the ground here in the High Desert. The Moss Rose also seeds […]

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly On The Lilac Flowers

Previous Next Meet the Yellow Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly we get here every year in our garden! This is probably the biggest butterfly we have here in our garden? This series of photographs of this butterfly was taken in May 12 of 2014 as the Lilacs were in bloom. I believe these Swallowtails emerge as butterflies […]

Cosmos Flower Blooms in October

Previous Next Meet the Cosmos Flower blooming in October here in our part of Oregon! Being one of the last flowers blooming says to us the Cosmos is a hardy flower. Colors as you can see did not seam to make the hardiness of the plants any less it appears. As of March 3 (today), […]

Marigold Flowers Blooming in Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Marigold Flower! These photographs were taken on September 3 2014. There are several species of Marigold Flowers in this post. This photograph above is of a large headed Marigold Flower that the plant itself grows along with the blooms a good three feet high or so. The circumference is somewhat impressive […]

Dahlia Flower Blooming in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Dahlia Flower! So many colors, sizes,shapes of the Dahlia! This post will be many photographs of the Dahlia Flowers we have grown. Most of our Dahlia Flowers have been grown by tubers, though we have grown them by seed as well! 2014 was a interesting year in general! Guy had been […]

Gladiolus Flowers Blooming in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Gladiolus Flowers, or as I will refer to them as the, “Glad flower”! I added a few colors here for you to see they come in many colors! They are a bulb flower, meaning a hardy bulb is how they grow. I personally never had the seeds nor even seen seeds […]

Painted Lady Butterfly in The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Painted Lady Butterfly! This particular species of the Painted Lady is one of the many butterflies that has been showing up here at our home on the High Desert at least since 2012. I believe this Painted Lady is the Vanessa Cardui species. The Painted Lady Butterflies to my understanding is […]

Sweet William Flowers

Previous Next Meet the Sweet William Flowers part of the Dianthus family of flowers! Pretty easy to grow and once you have a spot they like, they keep coming back due to seeding so well here in our garden. We grow most everything directly into the soil, the few plants we grow in pots I […]


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