Vivid Dancer Dragonfly Eating A Spider

Previous Next Meet the Vivid Dancer Dragonfly! I captured this one eating what I think is a spider!? Dragonflies are great helpers when it comes to controlling insects! I think I see wings there, so perhaps that is not a spider? This happening was not captured here at the house, but in a area I […]

Dragonfly of the High Desert of Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Dragonfly of our home here in the High Desert of Oregon. Hope you all had a good weekend? We got some things that needed done , done in the garden. Now it is time to start putting out the seeds for the future flowers and the visitors to our garden! Many […]

Common Green Darner Dragonfly Laying Eggs

Previous Next Meet the Common Green Darner Dragonfly. Hope you had a nice weekend? One of my walks here in our town takes me along the canal where water for the farmers gets carried from point to point. This is also where many insects (and other wildlife), get their water and spend time. One such […]


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