Flying Western Meadowlark

Previous Next Meet the Western Meadowlark. Oregon state bird and one we have here in our area of the high desert of Oregon! On my walks I take around my town the Western Meadowlarks are a constant companion. Singing, flying by. We are a area the Western Meadowlarks dose not appear to be having survival […]

Sunflowers From My Garden

Previous Next On this day in September of 2014 the day was cloudy. I still got some photographs. The sunflower is a yearly flower we grow for the beauty and for the birds. The colorful sunflower above has the tiny black sunflower seeds that contain oils that the big seeds contain, though not as much […]

Finch Fledgling Begging For Food

Previous Next Meet the wild Finches! This is the first one who got my attention! The Finches are year round song birds here at the house! The fledgling ( baby ), is the one in the background. The Fledgling baby and the adult are hanging out, with a junco bird in the background. The Fledgling […]

Verbena Flower Blooms

Previous Next Meet the Verbena Flower. Some folks may know them called other names? I need some color who knows you may as well? We grow our Verbena in a large flower pot in direct east sunlight. The flowers do well in this direct sunlight, the camera does tend to throw a fit in this […]

Cosmos Flower Blooms in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Cosmos Flower. Many colors to choose from! Here in the high desert, with good soil and lots of water the Cosmos do great!! Actually, I think they would do ok if I did not water so much? We did throw down seed in places that other plants had a hard time […]

Hummingbird On The Honeysuckle

Previous Next Honeysuckle is very popular with the hummingbirds! First published 9-08-2010. Since then one of these photographs got published as one of the best photographs of that year.

Hen and Chicks Flower Photography

Previous Next These are the flowers to the succulent known as Hen and Chicks. When this plant reaches maturity, these flowers are what is produced. It is said the plant then dies. There is two different flowers here, on several plants. I was outside when I had one of our elderly neighbors got my attention. […]


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