sweat bee and the cosmos flowers 138
honey bee 213
carpenter ants 136
hoverfly shadow on the poppy flower bloom 047
Mylitta Crescent Butterfly beetles on flower 617
hoverfly on the poppy flower bloom 053
hoverfly in the garden 064
honeybee hives 1183
honey bee coming in for a landing 208
honey bee at breakfast time 211
bee in the garden 124
Honeybee Hives 1181
The pollinator Mexican Hat Daisy Flower Hoverfly 150
dragonfly 037
bumblebee columbine flower T38A7973
bee eyes T38A1253
honeybees getting a drink 996
grasshopper 1221
Vivid Dancer Dragonfly 744
honeybee hives 1094
dragonfly 1123
honeybee in flight 244
grasshopper 1215
Eye Of A Orange Striped Bumblebee 304
ladybug ladybird 059
bee hard at work T38A1259
honey bee in flight 201
poppy flower bloom and hoverfly 087
bee in the garden T38A1253
praying mantis 063
poppy flower and hoverfly 080
coming in for a landing 1252
color in the garden 128
bee hard at work T38A1254
Praying Mantis
bee hard at work T38A1260
young hoverfly on black eyed susan flower bloom 653
bumblebee in the hollyhock flower 005
Saffron-winged Meadowhawk – Sympetrum costiferum 260
activity on a thistle flower 1297
flying bumblebee 137
hoverfly feeding on a bright poppy flower bloom 036
yellow bumblebee and the lupine flower bloom 135
honeybee hives 1176
thread waisted wasp T38A2407