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Young Northern Harrier Bird Of Prey Web

$1.00 USD

This is the web size of this photograph. The Northern Harrier has established itself here in our town. They hunt down the road around the historical train depot but have their nests in another location I do not tell for obvious reasons. I found their nests purely on accident one day while out photographing our wildlife. This photograph was taken on a cold winter day here in our town. The Northern Harrier is unlike other birds of prey as for their hunting abilities. They hunt by eye site like all the others, but use their hearing which is unlike other birds of prey! This is why they can be found hunting on the ground, or low to the ground. I can not tell you why this Northern Harrier allowed me so close? Because of this Northern Harriers behavior and the looks, this is a young Northern Harrier which might of felt I was no threat. I left this Northern Harrier to carry on and I walked away without first getting a nice series of photographs! In time I will have the whole series for sale.

I do photography full time and have thousands of images I am getting up on this computer as time permits. Contact me with any questions you may have at my website

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