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21 May 2015

Welcome to Culver Oregon!

There is so much to see and do here in Jefferson County, Lake Billy Chinook is the most popular place people come to enjoy our county. You can see why right?

This is one of my most favorite spots we live near! This whole area ! When we have to go into Madras for whatever reason sometimes Guy will drive me to the Canyon just to see what is going on. We take the scenic loop trail back to our town.

All thee photographs are from the one day. For the occasional clouds that rolled in , then back out everything was pretty nice! The mirror effect of the blue sky and the water makes nice reflections!

To get to the other side there are several bridges you have to cross. They are not the widest bridges you have ever been on! This one is the one who have to stop and wait if anyone else is on it , or closer then you are to going on it.

It gets real busy come spring and summer!

I do not do to much people photography, however when I do the canyon there in Culver is a great place for such things!

The background makes for a great backdrop!

As I said on twitter guy is my biggest muse for people photography. The kids of course must be my second? Since the kids are all adults I can post their photographs ha!

This has been one of my favorite photographs of our friend we lost contact with. Just looks like he is thinking way to hard!! The canyon wall and the water is the background. If the sun was shining more I think the water would have looked nicer? Whatcha do when the clouds roll in.....

Thank you for coming by and seeing my photography taken in Culver Oregon on this day!

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