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The Robin Fledgling That Left The Nest

04 Jun 2015

One thing to be sure of, we have several fledglings here every year!

This year of course is no different. This is a American Robin fledgling. Due to not disturbing the homes of the wildlife who live in our area, I wait until they come to me. Which this fledgling did!

Since this little one did not fly upon my observations but hop, I can only assume the nest is either in this tree,the lilac bushes we have or a tall pine tree. Regardless of where the nest is, this little one made its way to where my chair was placed. Why did it choose this location? I assume it was for the protection from the other birds? However really we will never know for I do not know American Robin language so I can not ask.


The little one was paying attention to all the commotion of the other birds. Noticing some of the house sparrows checking out the fledgling, however the adult American Robins can be like most parents aggressive when it comes to junior and to be honest this little one was vary close to me! I even had to back up for these photographs.

I did notice the little one getting rather excited doing those baby chirps the fledglings of this species do.

Well, it did not take me but a second to find out why the little fledgling was getting so excited for!


Guess who showed up with a yummy raspberry from our raspberry patch? It looks like daddy!!

Males of the American Robin species are much more colorful then the females. This one flips the colorful bill, male!

Now the adult was not so ...... comfortable (ya lets go with comfortable), with me watching with the snap, snap of my camera!

So the little fledgling watched as the adult left. I did observe what the adults were feeding their fledgling. Worms and raspberries YUM YUM!! If that is you are a fledgling Robin!

I did not think of it while I was choosing which photographs were to be uploaded , but I guess you can see me in this little fledglings eye!

I wanted to show this photograph for the American Robin Fledge ling has no tail feathers AND this is a very well fed fledgling! Good job adults!

One reason I do not allow my sons cat within this area is, domestic house cats are said to be the number one enemy of the American Robin. My sons cat when he was allowed to roam where ever he wanted to, did exterminate a good population of the American Robin as well as other species of birds. Thus, the cat is no longer allowed in our "bird only", zone. The dogs of course do not bother the birds nor have the ability to climb.

We do have other wildlife that do eat the American Robin eggs as I see one here and one there at times in the garden, or driveway.

I have witnessed the older batch of American Robin Fledge ling being forced out of the nest. Not wanting to leave was the older fledglings. American Robin bird species have two batches of eggs a year. This fledgling is from the second batch. I wonder if the adults (well mother), allows the fledglings from the second batch to hang around longer then those of the first batch?

I also wanted to show that the American Robin Fledge ling does at times close their mouths! Anyone who has had these fledgling on their property can tell you, they can be quite noisy!

This fledgling is not napping, just felt comfortable enough to wash itself with me of course watching and the click, click of the camera!

In this shot you can see the head cocking just a little for the little fellow was paying attention to me.

Who is that I see, could it be a worm for me??

Why yes, this worm is just for you, yum yum!!

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