Meet the little wild field mouse I came across on one of my hikes. The little mouse did not even notice I was watching him!

When I set out I typically go by myself so I can control how noisy or quiet I am. Though I did not know I was being this quiet!

Now you know why the birds of prey follow me around, though this mouse was not exactly all that scared just sitting there eating.

Just so long as this little mouse is out here on this farm I go on and not here at the house everything is dandy about having a mouse around. The mouse is kind of cute dont you think?

Finally the little wild mouse seen me!! We are so used to seeing house mice running about I wonder if we stop and think the mice do have life’s outside of peoples homes?

Off the little mouse goes, climbing up and out of the ditch I found the little guy in!

I am sure the mouse is going to his home which is more than likely hidden around this spot somewhere?? Typically I see the mouse diving into their burrows in the middle of the dirt roads the farmer uses to get around on.

Thank you for coming by and checking out the photographs of this little wild mouse!


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