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Poppy Flowers In The Garden

21 Feb 2015

Meet the Poppy Flower! Or the salt and pepper shaker flower. One thing all Poppy flowers have in common is the seed pod. When dried they are like salt and pepper shakers! Many of us have learned this from childhood and it is a good way of remembering them!

Above photograph is a open flower and a flower bud of the Poppy Flower.

I have grown the Poppies for a while for I just love the flowers! They came in all sizes, shapes, and colors!

The poppy do hate to have their peddles wet so I try not to over head water. Ask Guy not to over head water either, though sometimes needing to over head water for one drop of water can kill such things as aphids.

Thank you for coming by and looking at this short series of photographs of my poppy flowers taken in June 2014 in my garden.

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