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Oregon Red Admiral Butterfly

05 Jul 2015

Meet the Red Admiral Butterfly. These photographs were taken right here at home on the Raspberry leaves on June 6 , 2014.

One thing to note, we grow the Raspberries around our small ponds where the Raspberries can get the water they need here in the High Desert of Oregon without having to pay attention to how much water such berries need. The roots of the berry plants at times are completely water bound.

The Raspberries attract so many creatures to them, the water of course is a huge attraction to the wildlife! The High Desert can be a dry place! Fearing 2015 will be another year of dry conditions, wildfires etc.. We will just see what visits us this year?

Along with the small ponds, the flowers, the Raspberries this is also a protected area from cats and people. Many folks if they can see in this area from outside (typically this area is not seen from the outside when everything is in bloom and/or growing), will catch me just kicking back with my camera with the dogs just waiting to see what creatures show up!

On this day in June this Red Admiral Butterfly showed up. Not a small butterfly, not the biggest butterfly that visits our home. One of the more colorful butterflies!

I have started putting the dates on my posts so I can write another post of series of shots that are taken on different days if I want to. Some days we get a lot of different visitors showing up here!! Some days I am constantly shooting different series of different visitors. Visitors are wildlife that shows up.

I was asked why I do not have photographs of "friends", referring to people. I do not know how to explain to such folks with this mentality, that wildlife is my friend. I enjoy such creatures more so then human contact in the real world. Some of you know exactly what I mean!

I bring up at times while on social media the little boy who road his bicycle and stopped in the road where he could see me in my chair with my camera and said to me his parents were both outside if I want to talk with them. I thanked him for the invite and said if I am out there talking to your folks, who will talk to the birds? Of course I got a strange look before the little boy went riding to tell his parents what I said.

I dont care to learn of the local gossip. Who is doing what. We make our home a place we want to be. If a matter comes up I feel I need to put my two cents in as far as this town goes, we have a mayor who is easy enough to call up on the phone. I am shy that way haha

Such things as this Red Admiral Butterfly is easy enough to photograph. I do my best to make this a safe place for such things and I think such creatures as this Red Admiral Butterfly knows this? I do not do anything special other then keeping up the ponds, flowers, Raspberries and spending time outside without distractions.

I do notice , people have a hard time just being these days. Everyone is trying to impress each other, outdo each other..... The curse of being a human right? I have plenty of time to just ponder everything as I wait to see what visitor shows up next!

On twitter the other day butterflies came up. The breeding of, setting "free", the domesticated wildlife. Bred in captivity I feel these "wild", creatures loose the benefit of the true wild creatures. Even something so minute as even the butterfly. For all I know this butterfly could have been from a wedding or even a classroom? All I know is, this Red Admiral Butterfly stopped by and I was more then happy to photograph it!

I do watch such things as this Red Admiral Butterfly more so then photograph. Photographing my subjects really does not take long at all in most cases! Someone mentioned how long I must have been out taken photographs of another insect, how do you tell such a person that it did not take but a little time without making it sound like they are wasting their time reading a book and trying to impress all the onlookers? Perhaps this is why I like doing photography alone. Without the distractions of other people?

If you want to read up about this beautiful Red Admiral Butterfly I recommend going to any state, government or university website for actual facts. My observations are mine and I really can ramble on and on, however I really do not know what you all want me to ramble on about haha!

Thank you for coming by and seeing my photography of this day of the Red Admiral Butterfly

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