When it comes to Mushrooms we have a few that appear out of no where here and there in the garden. 2014 was a GREAT year! Why?

Mushroom compost is one of my soils I use along with several others I mix up. Great for the flowers so it seams! We also went and purchased a shredder earlier in 2014 , that is what you see there is the materials we shredded up to add into the garden.

Funny story about that shredder, Guy had his first surgery on his hand and the doctor just took off his cast, and we had to go to the hand therapist to get a brace put on. Guy has gone through several of these braces and the shredder is why one of them got destroyed. These hand braces , one type goes over his work gloves. Well, he was feeding the shredder with his good hand and we do not know how his brace not only came off, but went into the shredder with the rose thorns.

These beauties are one species of Mushroom we had pop out of the ground! Again great for the soil and since Mushrooms feed off dead organic matter…… this is a perfect place for them!

Like most things I enjoy photographing Mushrooms, they all have their own character. Each and everyone of them!

This last one you can see at the bottom of the photograph is has a slightly different color…. well this was shot through the fence. I just blurred out the fence within the lens.

I have many more photographs of different mushrooms we had in 2014 and time permitting I will show you the photographs I got! Thank you for coming by!

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