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Mule Deer Bucks in Velvet Wildlife Photography By Coralie

15 May 2012

We love to go into the Ochoco Mountains!

This day was no different! We took this "side" road, well road is used rather lightly in some parts of Oregon where we go. The road was getting smaller and smaller! Guy decided the road was just to small for our truck, so Guy turned around the truck on this narrow deer trail that is said to be a road! While heading back we came upon a meadow where, of course I just had to get out!!

Unknowing to us, two bucks were also thinking the meadow was a nice spot to stop at! First the bucks took off running! Then they both stopped! Looked back at me. Just as curious of me as I was of them and getting their photograph! Then in a instant they were off running again! You can see the one has had a brush with a bullet to his face. These bucks at this time were still in velvet.

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