This is the Blue Ridge Mine in the Ochoco Mountains here in Oregon! We typically drive by these mines (there is quite a few in Oregon), however this day we thought we should stop and see what has changed since the last time we stopped by.

Nothing to much changed since the last time we had stopped. The weather in the Ochoco Mountains is taking it’s toll as well as folks doing what people do when these kinds of folks have no one watching them.

If you have your dog/s with you as we do, make sure you give your dog/s a good drink from the fresh water you packed for your dog/s! The contaminated water supply is no good for your dog/s and hate for you to find out what the water supply around some of these mines can do to your dog/s as we did!! Don’t allow your dog/s to play in, drink have much to do with theĀ  water that is found around these mines…..

This is just one of the Mines that can be found in the Ochoco Mountains! No longer used, no workers are around all that you will find is history. Or the left overs of what once was…..

Again if you have dog/s with you be careful of the nails, and other debris that can be found around such structures. These places are not maintained, if there is a sign there is a reason for that sign.

It seams as if every time we do choose to stop at the Blue Ridge Mine something has changed! Oh doors are off their hinges or something has been torn off. Garbage laying around. Pack it in, pack it out…..

As I am writing this I recall passing the Blue Ridge Mine many times! We just don’t choose to stop all the times we are up here in the area.

The dogs are the main reason we choose not to stop every time we pass the Blue Ridge Mine or the other mines. One of our Mastiffs really likes water and was hospitalized after a jont to several of the Mines. We would rather not have this happen again.

If you are in the area just to go to the Mines without dog/s, well….. You will not be disappointed! We are not in the Mountains for the Mines, this is a secondary for us. Wildlife photography is why we are here in the Ochoco Mountains….. I just happen to like history, and Guy worked up here in the area so he knows a lot of the stories of such things as the Blue Ridge Mine that has been passed around from generation to generation. I believe I wrote this in my last post? I will look and revise this. That post might now be in my archive, when I used to post to a place that is now shut down….. Put this on my list of things to check on.

This is the main building. This is the building I seam to notice changes on the most when we do stop, or just driving by since we drive by this the most. Such as that ladder there. That ladder does not belong there. Someone had torn that ladder off I believe the back of the building where it was left many years ago. I took photographs oh, five plus years ago when this was not like this. The bullet holes seam to be new to me as well…..

This building tends to get the most attention for this is seen from the road. You come around the corner and BOOM, there it is! Again a interesting place if you have never been! Keep in mind if people are driving the road…. stay out of the road! This is common sense and many folks have been by here so much that they do not expect people or your pets to be in the road….

I do not do the driving, so to get directions to visit check the internet. Guy is the driver of this team and he knows these roads, I would get us lost if I was the driver hahahaha Please pack enough water for you and if you bring your dog/s! It can get hot up here in the Ochoco Mountains!! Make sure you have extra tires, and enough gas! If you don’t know the area bring a map!! You wont find a gas station, a store nothing for quite a ways away! We have seen more visitors get a flat tire, and getting lost. I have no clue if internet is around in this area? OMG during hunting season be a little more careful! If you run into fire wood folks, sheep herders, cowboys moving cattle or other folks working in the area, give them the road….. Again pack it in pack it out.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my photographs!


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