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Marigold Flowers Blooming in Oregon

13 May 2015

Meet the Marigold Flower! These photographs were taken on September 3 2014. There are several species of Marigold Flowers in this post.

This photograph above is of a large headed Marigold Flower that the plant itself grows along with the blooms a good three feet high or so. The circumference is somewhat impressive and they do stand out with the big blooms!

These Marigolds are the short plants and smaller blooms. Typically these are the flower folks think of when they think of Marigolds. The frogs will settle themselves into these and wait for dinner to show up!

These above are another type of larger Marigold flowers.

All the Marigold Flower Blooms attract so many small visitors! Good and bad! The smaller Marigold Flowers have a strong scent. A flower bed is just not a flower bed without the Marigold. At least the small variety!

Because of the pollinators they seed real well!! I am speaking with someone in Japan on twitter (@masmish), as I write this haha!

Now the photographs above are two different species of Marigold. First the large headed, tall Marigold. Then we have the smaller , shorter Marigold Flowers.

The smaller species of Marigolds are commonly used as a "partner", flower. Planting Marigolds, shorter variety that have the strong scent next to another type of flower , the philosophy is that the bad bugs will go to the Marigold leaving the other flower alone, or the scent runs off insects. This is a wise tale that has been told for years and years! Does it work? Well, sure dose not hurt!

I recall as a kid stopping to speak to another child we went to school with at his home. Being who I am I am not good at just doing one thing, and his mother had a bed of Marigold Flower so I would top them, take off the dead stuff, spread the seeds around. One day as I was speaking to the son of the house, the mother yelled at me to stop that!! Mind you she just did not know what I was doing and I did as I was told. Some time later she found out what I was doing, and how good her bed of Marigolds were doing haha! She said something to me and I expressed my love of flowers, gardening even at that age I new what made me happy.

Thank you for coming by and checking out the Marigold flower from last September! Keep in mind the hiker chat is going on in twitter today!

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