Meet the Sweat Bee. Rather pretty in color with the fluorescent green dont you think? The flower the Sweat Bee is feeding on is a wild Strawberry plant that just started growing on it’s own. No doubt the seeds coming from the birds?

I dont mean to photographs these Sweat Bee’s on yellow flowers, they just seam to like them or being the color they are they catch my eye better on the yellow?

My other post I written up on this species of Sweat Bee is Sweat Bee On A Ozark Sundrop Flower if you want to check it out!

I actually forgot all about the wild Strawberry I had growing out there! The wild Strawberry flowered like no bodies business though when no berries were produced and no longer attracting the pollinators I pulled it out as to not have this plant spread all over town and to other peoples gardens. One attribute I quickly noticed about this plant!! The wild strawberry wanted to take over the world and the big farmers I felt did not need this taking over there crops! Like I said I think the birds brought in the seed from who knows where? Some of the migrating birds come from far away!

I do want to thank my son publicly, (I must have thanked him ten times here at home this morning), for helping his mother with technical issues I was having!

Thank you for coming by and checking out this series of Photographs from July of 2014 in my garden here in our part of the High Desert of Oregon!


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