The Praying Mantis is a interesting creature in which she is boss! I understand where the phrase, ” If momma is not happy, no one is happy”, comes from when I photograph the Praying Mantis!

The Praying Mantis is a very good , natural pest control! Hence these photographs! The below photograph I captured her just cleaning herself within my flowers. The purple are the Petunia Flowers.

A frog actually got my attention and snapped off a couple shots of the frog, when I turned back to the Praying Mantis she was eating on a ant!

Of course I can not say I was real bummed out the Praying Mantis is eating one of the ants ! Darn ants have been milking the aphids they have placed on my flowers that I am constantly spraying off!

She is looking pretty proud of herself in this next shot!

Here she is back to cleaning herself until the next meal comes along!

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