Meet this rather large Bumble Bee! I have spoken before of the bee’s who spend time with us here at home, this is one pollinator who helps us in our garden. This series of photographs was captured on the soft pink multi peddled hollyhock flowers.

When this species first showed up in 2014, it was fist checking out place out. Was not so nice with trying to intimidate me with checking me out real close. Darting back and forth, just being a pain!! After some time and the others showed up then is when I was allowed these closer shots. I believe the bee’s like anything else, gets used to a person. Plus there is no need to fight over anything here, we put in quite a few flowers.

I like all the bee’s myself! Curtain times you can hear all the buzzing going on!! Specially when all the Lilacs start to bloom!!

I did try to get shots of “his”, face. Sometimes you get what you can get and this bee was not going to allow me to many photographs of “his”, face. I figure, “if I cant see you, you cant see me” is being applied?

I think this is a pretty bee myself…..

Thank you for coming by and checking out my photography I got in my garden!

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