Meet the Bald-faced Hornet. I came upon what I think is the same Bald-faced Hornet on several different days in our garden. This is from one of those days.

I noticed something rather large on one of the raspberry leaves, upon further investigation I observed this creature eating. Keeping my distance of about a foot seamed good for the both of us!

I really could not see or photograph clearly of what this Bald-faced Hornet was eating on. At times I thought it was a honeybee.

This week I noticed going through my photography archives (I found it easier to take photographs, then write and upload them later on), I found I had several new types of Hornets and Wasps show up, this was in June of 2014.

As I was observing this creature eating , I could sense it new I was photographing it. Just some of the movements it made. Not wanting to get stung I kept my distance. I hear the sting hurts??

Though I dont touch many of the things I photograph anyways, even things that dont sting. Some creatures can be harmed by something so thoughtless as the oils of our hands. Even the stress of handling some creatures can kill them. I learned this some time ago from a teacher of mine. I wonder if he knows that he was listened to by some of us students?

This Bald-faced Hornet did turn its back on me several times! I know by having such things as the snakes, some creatures feel if they can not see you, then you obviously can not see them! Makes sense if you only have the capacity to think only so far…..

Perhaps this Bald-faced Hornet just thought the sun was beating down and got to hot for eating it’s meal? Moving in the shade did something to my light, however with the color of these Bald-faced Hornets you can still see its face. Not so much of what it is eating. Dose not hurt my feelings one bit!

MMM wonder what Wikipedia says about these Bald-faced Hornet?

Dolichovespula maculata (yep I will remember that name haha – what about you ha).

It makes a paper nest. I have several rules here, one of the rules is such things as the Hornets, Wasps are not allowed to set up shop here. They can visit, heck everyday if they wish. They can even get drinks here, but no setting up shop!! I got stung before walking by a truck we had. Since then this has been a rule of mine. Just keeps the peace here since , like Wikipedia says the female Bald-faced Hornet will continue to sting to protect her nest….. OMG can you imagine??

You can read more over there here .

I can regurgitate what is written over there or you can just read it yourself if you so choose.

My photographs can be enlarged by clicking on them taken you to the folder in which I placed these. There you can do all kinds of things, which should be making the photograph larger if you wish.

Since all was still going well with photographing this Bald-faced Hornet I just kept photographing it. Went with the flow you know?

I did go in a little closer, no these are not cropped these photographs are off my camera. Named so I can find them easily in my archive, uploaded to the website already named for optimization.

This Bald-faced Hornet is just doing what it would do, hopefully if I were there or not. At least this is what I am going for with my photography.

Some washing did take place, however sorry to say those photographs did not come out. At one point this Bald-faced Hornet did get tired of me photographing. Or at least that is what it seamed like as I watched it wash itself, then carry the small portion of its meal that was left under the leaf!

As the observation was winding down I moved further away into another spot and took these photographs.

This all was going down in the raspberry patch. The raspberries have a lot of things going on. Never a dull moment around these! Since the raspberries are basically thorn-less I have kept them.  We even get some berries from them that the birds and other critters do not eat haha!

Thank you for coming by and checking out this series of shots from the Bald-faced Hornet eating. I have another series from another day which is going to wait for frankly I forgot which day I took the photographs ha!

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