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Hoverfly Beneficial Insect

07 Jun 2016

    Meet the Hoverfly! In the last four years of writing about my photography you may have seen several posts about the Hoverfly? The family of the Hoverfly is a pretty large family. I welcome the Hoverfly to our garden at least this species ( Scaeva pyrastri (?) to be technical), they are a beneficial insect and one who I feel the general public needs to know about. I make it no secrete I am a seed freak, to obtain seeds from any plant it is nice to have help.

    Photographing the Hoverfly can be a little tricky , since after all they do "Hover", however when they land they give you a few seconds to get a couple shots.

    The plant this Hoverfly just happened to be photographed on is a Columbine. I have been asked about lenses, no special lens. Just my all around lens. I look over my photography, keep what comes out and delete what does not. Name the usable files. That is typically it. You can do this too! Just takes some time and effort!
    It helps to have insects the Hoverfly feeds on as well! Good for such things as the benefitial insects, no so good if you want a perfect winning flower and if you use chemicals to achieve this. Kill the bad bugs, you also kill the good bugs. Just the way chemicals work.

    Back to doing what the Hoverfly does, Hover!

    Thank you for coming by and checking out my photography of the Hoverfly!

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