Meet this wild Frog Who had just ate something??

I come into this happening a little late so i did not actually see what this frog got itself to eat? As you can see it looks like along with something to eat it got some goobers too.

Keep in mind these wild creatures we have are used to me. That is I spend a lot of time watching them, critters are not stupid. They will get used to you watching them if you don’t do anything more but watch them. Stressed out critters will lash out just like any other living thing, so leave them alone and you too will get their trust and you can get photographs without having to crop too!

As you can see the goal at this point for this fat frog is to get that goober out of its mouth! See how fat this frog is tell me this frog is a good hunter!

Our garden is a very active place! The frogs show up anywhere they are needed to help us with insect control. The frogs are welcomed to help!

The shot above the frog is using its “paw” (?), to get the goobers out of its mouth. I have observed these wild frogs eating and spitting out insects even haha! Must not have tasted good?? Insects do have their own defense mechanisms as secreting nasty chemicals that makes that insect taste nasty for instance.

This is a good shot above to how fat this frog is haha! When you hear me talking about the frogs on such places as twitter this is the species we have here the most, this is the Pacific Tree Frog which many folks think are not good to have around. I don’t think this way since the frogs give me hours of entertainment just watching and listening to them.

This frog has gotten most of the goobers out by this shot above!

If one say wanted to physically capture such a thing for who knows what reasons, this would be the time! This frog has other things on its mind and is vulnerable. Though I do not see a point in picking up these frogs other then getting them out of a bad situation? Our hands have oils on them. These oils that all of us have, is not good for such things as frogs. Say you just ate some salty chips. Then you go to pick up one of these frogs, or any frog! That salt, as well as the oils on your hand goes straight to that poor frog! Frogs skin is not real tough. Why frogs are having such a hard time these days. Then people feel the need to touch, pick up whatever for that photograph, or to put them in jars or whatever…. like I said these frogs are pretty common here at my place. How about the spotted frog if that is you get a chance to even see one! Endangered as they are. Kill a endangered species would not be cool just because a person is ignorant right? I ask you all to just think about what you are doing is all. Yin yang, I have to think as well….

All done!! The eating process takes time but as you can see this fat frog seams to have no problem catching something to eat! I am a tad bit bumbed I did not get to see what it was this frog caught to eat! Catching it with my camera or not at least I would have known haha Thank you for coming by and seeing these photographs that I never shown anyone before! You are seeing these before Guy even gets to, I will show him these when he gets home from work. These photograph came from my archive of 2014 which I am still going through! As I am writing this several frogs are talking back and forth to each other! Warmer it gets the more frogs I hear, and see!

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  1. amazing photos!! loved the post too, i think all creatures are fascinating and having them around makes life so much better, besides like you sad, they help with the gardening 😉 i’m yet to capture a frog on my camera 🙂

    1. Why thank you Mafaldaflima! Someday you will see and photograph one, then from then on you will get more and more with your camera. That is how it seams to go for me 🙂 I do like the frogs and toads we have here at home! Went to move a bad of soil, WALLA a pretty green frog did not know what was going on haha


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