Meet the protected Pygmy Short-Horned Lizard who lives here with us in Jefferson County Oregon! Like other species of wildlife I have photographed these Pygmy Horned Lizard came from east of Madras Oregon.

These little guys blended in so well I was afraid the dogs were going to step on them!! Though do not worry along with blending in they are quick!!

There were several of these in the location we were at this time, unlike other spots where we would only see one here in Jefferson County Oregon. This is a bigger one of the bunch. Not moving perhaps thinking  I did not see him/her if he did not move?? HAHA

We have several lizards here in Jefferson County Oregon and I will write about what others I have photographed soon enough. I do recall when I first moved to the high desert oh 10+ years ago how there were so many lizards you seen them everywhere!! Then after some time they just kind of disappeared. So I was pretty tickled to see this species!!

The place in which we came upon this Pygmy Horned Lizard was sandy, typical desert floor. Though the views were rather nice of the Cascade Mountains, though the views here are usually breathtaking!

Lots of insects for this one and the others to eat at this spot, more then likely why they seam to be at this spot? Sagebrush, the rocks to hide around. When these pygmy short-horned lizard bury themselves my gosh you can not tell where they are!!

The ODFW website says we only have these and the desert horned lizard of this kind here so this made identification of this species much easier!



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