Meet the Pacific Tree Frog!

When you have kids, sometimes we do not really understand how much our kids are paying attention to us. Here at the house we have several species of frogs here, the most common of these frogs is the above species. Pacific Tree Frogs are well adapted to many different environments. Fact is some folks feel they adapt to well!!

I like the frogs that have called our home there home for some years now. They eat bugs, I like the music they make and like to see the tadpoles develop into adults.

Today I want to express how thankful I am to my son for showing the humanity within to not allow a good dozen of these frogs freeze to death in our harsh winter conditions!

This species of frog moved in some eight years ago now? They have given me hours of entertainment!!

Not only as full frogs have they given entertainment. We also have a environment for the frogs to reproduce. Watching them as eggs, turn into tadpoles then into full fledged frogs.

When my son seen some frogs mixed into the soil as a repair man was here and had to do his work never thinking their would be frogs in the soil he just took out of the place he was working at, my son did notice!! I never thought the frogs would be in the area that was needing to be accessed by the repair man either!! I would have done something about it before hand!!

As soon as my son said the first word I new something was going on and went over to find very cold, hardly moving frogs that I spend so much of the warmer months watching!! I started picking them up out of the snow and putting them into my pockets to bring inside the house to my warm plant room where the fortunate frogs have found a way into and these frogs could warm up at and if they wanted to they could stay for the winter.

I am fortunate to have a son who paid attention!! My son does help me here at the house as Guy is off at work. Helps me with the ponds and the chores to make a environment the frogs and other critters like to be at!

I took no photographs of the cold frogs due to one, I was trying to get them warmed up! Two I had a repair man here who was trying to get his job done! One frog I am still a tad bit worried about for he was a tiny one!! That frogs and the others should really be fine. Frogs are a species of wildlife that have a way of surviving with just a little help……

My other frog photographs , this species and the others plus lizards,snakes,fish are all in the appropriate gallery if you want to take a look. I do understand phobias , of course my photography can be right up close and personal like with the critters I photograph…..

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