Meet the White Verbena Flower! These and the other colors were blooming in the end of July 2014.

We grow our Verbena in a huge pot and place it directly in the South Eastern light. The Verbena do very well for us in this location so why change?

I checked on the Verbena just yesterday and they look like they are coming back just fine. Come to think of it in 2014 the Verbena did start growing outside the pot where seeds dropped, though never bloomed. We have this white, we have red, and we have a purple / blue colors.

The Verbena appear to be pretty hardy here in the High Desert with watering two times a day. The soil consists of my mix of mushroom,steer, peat moss, and a high end soil we have to drive to Bend Oregon to buy in bulk if we can find it!!

Verbena attracts the common Pollinators who do their thing and walla seeds! We have had these Verbena growing in this same container for gosh four years? Perhaps longer? This is the Verbena container haha! I would have to go back into my photograph archive to find the exact years the Verbena has been flowering in that container, point being they keep coming back year after year! Knock on wood!

Thank you for coming by checking out these photographs of the White Verbena Flowers blooming on this day!

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