Meet the Four O’Clock Flowers that were blooming here in our garden in the high desert of Oregon!

We placed the big seeds here and there not knowing where they were going to like what spot the best. They bloomed where we could get NO other flower to bloom along with blooming through the fence! We are quite impressed with the growth of these Four O’Clock Flowers!

Water if folks do not understand in the high desert water does not just fall from the sky! One has to provide water and the Four O’Clocks Flowers are not a flower who can go with one poor watering a day in our area! One spot I have a hard time watering. These grew, bloomed profusely however would droop begging for water. Meaning I had to soak that one area more then other areas. The south exposure is a interesting one here at our place.

These photographs are from September of 2014. If you would like to see a larger photograph, just click on the photograph you would like to see. I was making my photographs way to big for some of my affiliate website places and had to adjust accordingly. As some of you who follow me on twitter might be aware my laptop took a dump thus getting used to this new system.

I feel these Four O’clocks are nice to photograph!

When the Four O’clock go to seed you know it! The seeds are big and black and are very easy to pluck off when ready. I am a seed freak for those who do not know this fact. Waste not want not right? Some flowers you do not want to go to seed, I just do not see this with these Four O’clocks.

All in all these Four O’clocks are a keeper in our part of the High Desert! With watering once a day very well, or twice a day. Feeding the soil in which ever manner that works for you, and minimal care these should do great for you too!

I do have more photographs of this day in September just feel these are enough for this post and I do have more photographs of these flowers….. I mean darn I am outside everyday during the blooming season and can not help but take photographs ha!

Thank you for coming by and checking out my garden photographs!

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