Meet the Cosmos Flower blooming in October here in our part of Oregon!

Being one of the last flowers blooming says to us the Cosmos is a hardy flower. Colors as you can see did not seam to make the hardiness of the plants any less it appears.

As of March 3 (today), I have cleaned up the old stalks of these Cosmos and they are waiting in a pile. What the birds do not use for their needs, will be put into the chipper and mulched to be put back into the soil.

At this moment I am going to quit talking and let you view my photography of these very pretty Cosmos Blooms. If you are wanting a nice flower for your flower beds and have room for them to grow , some of ours got pretty tall, tall or taller then our six foot dog kennel panels, here you go!

Thank you for coming by and checking out my floral photography!

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