Meet the Mule Deer Bucks of the High Desert.

Guy (my other half), claims I do not show my photographs of the Mule Deer Bucks enough. So, I thought I would show some of the photographs of the Mule Deer Bucks I have photographed here in the High Desert.

The man above I photographed him early one morning not far from our home. As Guy watched with the dogs I did keep such things as a big enough trees in view to get to if anything went wrong, but really these Mule Deer Bucks have never did anything to warrant such caution as say the antelope bucks (some folks want them to be called pronghorns since technically they are not a Antelope. Some of us have been raised to call them Antelope).

This man above felt more secure behind the log he got behind then turned to check us out.

This one above was photographed with his doe.

The Mule Deer Buck above has been one of the biggest racks ( antlers), I have photographed to date. This buck was very cautious of me and my camera!! This Buck felt much more secure keeping in the brush. He was a pretty man! His herd was seen several times by us in this area though he did not poss as he did above all the times we have seen him. Most the time he was running off! This day he must of have just curious?

This buck does not have much going on however further along in the season he may?

I just had to snap off this photograph for this is how we typically see the Bucks. He is heading away from us!

I added the shot above in just because it makes me laugh!

I like this photograph , this Mule Deer Buck is just looking so curious and proud. Though as you can see I had to go into the brush for this shot!

I actually had to contain my laughter photographing these Mule Deer Bucks! The one was using the tree to hide behind, but curiosity was getting the better of him!

Sometimes I think the Mule Deer Bucks know what a riffle looks like?? Seeing I have a camera that makes a funny noise they are more curious then anything! Just so long as I do not crowed their personal space everything is cool and they get their curiosity full filled and typically they just walk off from me. Sometimes if I move to fast they too will pick up speed and dart off!

Notice the tree’s , landscape in the last two photographs and this one?? These Mule Deer Bucks and more of them were all in one herd traveling together. Made these photographs pretty easy for all I had to do is stay still and they went by me! One after the other, sometimes two walked by… Sometimes these creatures hurt my pride, I mean I am dangerous!! Really I can be!! However the way they just ….. well they act as if I am nothing to be to concerned about, after all I do not have a riffle in my hands. They sure are curious animals!!

Granite we like to go where people are not! Never, ever means people are not hunting!! Guy has the biggest job when we go out and about for he is the one who keeps watch for such things as hunters!! We have been caught in the line of fire and WOW one of the times it was not a great experience! In fact Guy had to yell out. We did wonder if they thought our mastiffs were something?? They are larger then your typical dog, their color could look like a wild animal and we did not have their red shirts at that time the bullets came so close to us. We bought the dogs red shirts just because of this experience of the bullets coming way to close for comfort!

The man above was photographed very early in the morning. In fact so early my camera was screaming for more light!

Another who looks pretty young, in velvet.

All hanging together. This was taken right outside of Madras Oregon.

This one above is one of Guy’s favorite photographs. See the bobbed wire there?? Guy had to hold that up for me so I could cross that darned wire without getting caught up in it. I have ripped more clothing on those things! BTW this is public lands, the state rents it out now and again to cattle ranchers, hence the barbed wire.

This photograph the two were hanging out in the shade. The one is just chilling, while the other is at least standing. The one laying down did get up, though no running was involved. They walk amazingly fast if you have never been around these creatures! Eat, walk,eat , walk, look back at me as if laughing at how slow I was.

This one above is one of my favorite shots. The Ochoco Mountains is a fun place to go if you know where you are! I get lost every dang time we are up there it seams!! Guy knows the Ochoco’s pretty well. Thank goodness he has worked and hunted up there…..

Perhaps in a photography sense is why I like this shot? I would have loved to see these men when they were out of velvet!!

I have more Mule Deer Buck photographs, series of photographs etc.. in the Wildlife album. Many does!! Guy claims I would make a heck of a hunter. I am a hunter I tell him, with my camera!

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  1. Thanks. These mule deer bucks have spectacular racks. Fascinating how they remain in place, watching you and at the same time providing poses that are regal and attest to power and grace.

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