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Colors Of The Four Oclock Flowers

17 Nov 2017

Welcome to our garden here in the High Desert of Oregon!

I would like to show you some of our Four Oclock Flowers planted for the 2017 growing season! 

Like the pink Four Oclocks these other colors grow very well in our garden ! We did plant several of these out behind Guys shop to give that area some color. This area is also seen by the main road that comes through our town. The shop is just a shop, so figured some color out there would be a good thing! 

I also put a couple of the different colors near the one pond in our private area to give the birds a place to perch. The Pink Four Oclocks are established here and at this point need to be controlled haha! The Four Oclocks are beautiful prolific flowering bush that will take over the world if allowed at least here in the High Desert of Oregon! I was also more then happy to give some of these nicely growing bushes away to those who showed a interest in wanting some color at their home. Without much more talking, which I might add I can be quite good at, my photographs tell a much better story! 

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