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Birds - Insect and Seed Eaters of Oregon. Pacific Northwest USA

Common Yellowthroat

Meet the Common Yellowthroat bird! Colorful little guy who stopped by the house for a visit! Continue reading

Birds - Insect and Seed Eaters

Birds - Insect and Seed Eaters Through this design update of these links will go directly to Mrsroadrunner Photography. Continue reading

Junco Bird In White

Meet the Junco Bird who spends time here at the house. This one I thought was special due to the white feathers on the back and..... Continue reading

American Goldfinch and Fledglings

Meet the American Goldfinch Fledglings! Because we have the Lesser Goldfinch (link is external)here in Oregon and they show up at. Continue reading

High Desert Game Bird

Meet these game birds found here in our town in the High Desert of Oregon! These birds are typically in this area every time I take. Continue reading

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