Meet a Skipper Butterfly that visits our garden every year. Skipper Butterflies are called this for they flutter, or skip from place to place. Not always flowers but to feed the flowers are the place to find them!

The Zinnia Flower patch of ours attracts many such creatures both big and small to their bright colors to feed. Once the creatures are feeding and get used to you, the photography gets easier.

We do get several butterflies here to the garden which I like to see. Fact is here it is February 18, and I saw a bigger butterfly fluttering about yesterday and some smaller moths which was somewhat of a surprise to me since after all it is still winter! Our garden has nothing for these creatures to feed on at the moment.

Soon our garden will be blooming once again and we will see such creatures showing up as we have year after year! Soil is being prepared and/or cleaned up and sprouts of flowering plants are seen everywhere. The weather is being funny, warm for this time of the year. If we do not have a hard frost everything should be blooming early!

Thank you for coming by and checking out this short series of photographs!

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