This is the Painted Lady Butterfly. Several species of this butterfly, this is the species we have here at home. As you can see the Hollyhock is budding out and will flower later on in the season.

These photographs were photographed through the chain link fence. Observing this Painted Lady told me I did not have time to go through the gate to get the photographs of this Painted Lady Laying Eggs, so with my lens I blurred out the “XXXXX” of the fence.

The brown background is the dirt road. I like solid backgrounds!

If you have Butterflies laying eggs in your garden we have to think, is this something you want in your garden? These eggs will hatch, the caterpillars have to eat!

The caterpillars will eat your leaves of the host plant. In this instance the leaves which will be damaged by the caterpillars will be my Hollyhock leaves. Those buds of the Hollyhocks will grow more, typically not seeing to much damage by the butterflies since I have more then one butterfly who lays eggs to continue the cycle of their rather short life’s.

If you do not want Butterflies in your garden, just use the chemicals that are being sold every where these days! I would think washing leaves would kill the eggs as well?

I choose to have Butterflies here. I choose to give the Butterflies part of the garden I grow so I can observe the life cycle. I choose not to use chemicals so I do deal with the bad insects as well as the good insects. It is a give and take so think hard if you want to have the Butterflies, the good and the bad…..

Of course I was not allowed to get to close to this Painted Lady laying eggs, these photographs are right off my camera. I guess I could have cropped the photographs? Oh well….. The leaves size and size of the butterfly are true. Or this is what you will see if you see this in real life.

The Painted Lady Butterfly is considered a large butterfly….. I don’t know, I think of it as a medium sized butterfly. Not the biggest butterfly we get here, no where near the smallest!

Off this Painted Lady went! There will be caterpillars eating those leaves soon enough! Yin Yang….. that is life!

Thank you for coming by and checking out these photographs! The Butterflies are laying eggs now, it is that time of the year so get out there and check them out!

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