Meet the Hawk Moth that was feeding on our lilac flowers in May of 2017!

I did just upload a post I wrote back in 2014 of these moths that is found here . Information of this Hawk Moth has not changed, however my photography has since 2014! To bring you the best photographs I can take I upgraded some equipment since then!

This Hawk Moth was one of many this year due to changing a couple behaviors here in our garden. We try not to disturb the spring soil so as not to kill such things as this Hawk Moth. We were tilling up the soil every year. This has stopped. Even though we were talking about perhaps tilling up in 2018 the front where we have grown food for I really miss our fresh Zucchini , beans and such. Of course doing this without hurting the strawberry patch! We have not seen to many of these Hawk Moth caterpillars in that area.

The Hawk Moth caterpillars tend to like the rotting little apples from the apple tree and the flowering plum tree we have. This of course makes sense since they do need a food source. We do not see these Hawk Moths as a pest in our garden here in the High Desert, we see these Hawk Moths as a beneficial pollinator. Here in the High Desert we need all the help we can get! Since our garden does very well we figure we are doing something right…..

Without much more talk, here are the photographs of this encounter of this Hawk Moth on this day in May 2017!


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