Meet the tiny Fenders Blue Butterfly!

This is one of our visits to the Ochoco Mountains. I look for water, and typically a prairie like area for the butterflies. Since everything needs a drink, and Butterflies do not drink as we do, they need mud! So this is what I look for. Typically I am not disappointed! As the photograph above shows, this Fenders Blue Butterfly is getting a drink.

This photograph above shows a little more detail of the Fenders Blue Butterfly drinking. This strategy of mine usually does not fail me. This day many butterflies were at this spot up in the Ochoco Mountains!

Since these butterflies are horribly tiny for what we consider a size for a butterfly, I have to get right in there with my camera. Guy keeps the dogs with him, and away from where I am! The running water is not far away and this area is full of Deer and other critters the dogs noses find desirable to pay attention to. Folks wonder how I get ticks on me, well……

The biggest population of these Butterflies is said to be over the mountain west of Salem Oregon. I found this interesting. I personally would have no idea if I were in some ones backyard if I were over there looking for butterflies…… I wish them the best over the mountain to keep areas free from progress!

Lupine is again the hero of these Butterflies. Lupine is very common flower plant over here! The wild lupine grows in many places, and different kinds of Lupine! However the Kincaid’s lupine was on the endangered plant list itself!! Might still be?? If the Fenders Blue ONLY feeds on this Kincaid’s lupine, then the Kincaid’s lupine must be growing over here as well?

Since I also take photographs of the wildflowers, it might be time to look for Lupine Photographs in my archive. Though to be honest…. Lupine is so common over here…. I may not even take photographs of it anymore? I will have to keep this in mind when out and about. Doing my research I have seen photographs of the Fender’s Blue Butterflies on the Lupine that we (Guy and I), consider common Lupine……we see Lupine everywhere!

The Fenders Blue Butterfly is one of the Butterflies that are on the endangered list. Recovery plans are in effect and it makes me wonder if in our mountains are the places that these recovery plans are in action?? Is this why I am finding and photographing such species as the Fenders Blue?? Without going into my archive, I believe another spot I photographed these Fenders Blue Butterflies was in the Mount Jefferson wilderness area, part of the Cascade Mountain range.

East of the Cascade Mountains is not like the west. We do not have the population of people like they do. This means we have wide open places for such things to thrive. We have acres of public lands, large privately owned ranches and farms over here. Unlike west of the Cascade Mountains we have the areas that many creature need to survive. If a person is willing to take their time, gas money, reliable vehicle,packed lunch and water etc. to head out into these areas to photograph in such places, it can be rewarding.

The vegetation these Fenders Blue Butterflies are on is notable! The Fenders Blue Butterflies were not feeding. Keep in mind there were more then just the ones I photographed! I pay attention to the individual Butterflies and what they are doing. This area is for getting drinks.

Keep in mind, these are my photographs, my observations, my time, money spent and the research I have done. I reserve the right to be wrong, to learn and my contact information is out there if you have information that could be useful to me! I do pass on information to others……There are more photographs to this series.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my photography!

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