Meet again this Common Checkered Skipper Butterfly! This one is on one of our wildflowers that grow here in our part of the high desert of Oregon!

Skipper Butterflies all have the same structure in appearance. All Skipper Butterflies kind of, “skip”, or “Flutter” about. My observations as for photographing the Skipper Butterflies is to find them busy as this one is, and keep your shadow off them. Once you find your own technique , you too will get many photographs of the Skippers doing what the Skippers would do if you are there documenting their behavior or not.

This Common Checkered Skipper Butterfly is rather a pretty one with the hint of blue! I like the color myself and this one is a common Butterfly here on our part of Oregon.

Skipper Butterflies to my understand are found all over America, from the west coast where we are to the east coast! Perhaps not this pacific species of this Skipper Butterfly. However all skippers have this body structure as I have said. This is a good way of knowing what you have seen or photographed. Knowing the Butterfly is a Skipper, then if you choose you can identify what kind of Skipper Butterfly.

Thank you for coming by and checking out this small series of photographs of this Common Checkered Skipper Butterfly!

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