These are the White Crowned Sparrows that winter with us here in our part of the High Desert of Oregon.

We have them here right now, however these shots are from when the snow was flying in February of this year (2014).

These White Crowned Sparrows reuse the garden flower stalks as nice places to perch and if you notice it is snowing.

In the shot below this sparrow knows exactly where I am. These White Crowned Sparrows are a little more used to me then say some bird who has just flown in. When the birds first show up to winter here, they can be a little jumpy, however by February they have learned they are more then welcomed here!

This next shot is a White Crowned Sparrow Fledgling. Along with the adults it is sometimes amazing how many of these youngsters we get and how many when the flock first shows up, that the adults are still feeding these youngsters!

These next couple of shots is a common thing to see here at the house. The White Crowned Sparrow and the Gold Crowned Sparrow sharing the same flower stalks in the garden as it is snowing.

It is to the point that these two species can not see where I put the bird seed. Why you may ask? Because if they get the chance they will help themselves! The Gold more so then the White, however I found it safe just to move around the bags of seed Guy brings home for me that I give the birds. These birds get bold! The door gets left open for the dogs and the birds just come right in….. little stinkers!

Thank you for coming by !

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