I was down in the canyon, see the hawk photographs, when something caught my eye. The little guy made it obvious that I was being followed.

So, with my camera ready without knowing what it was, whatever it was was going to get it’s picture taken!! I looked up in the tree where I seen the movement and low and behold it was a Steller’s Jay!

More than likely watching for bugs that I was kicking up as I was walking?? Regardless of why, this Jay was funny to watch!!

The photo of it tilting his head was when I was talking to it!

On another note, I came down with the goobers. Well it was a long time coming. So by Friday it should be gone enough to go to the art gallery thing!! Been sleeping and taking care of myself! Well except for right now, I am awake, but by the time I get done with this I should be ready to sleep again? (As one of our visiting frogs is “talking” to me! Rib it!!)


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