Thought I would spend a little time with this hummingbird on this day. Showing up with his/her click click lets me know this one or the others are around. Typically in the apple tree and coming out during the day. Fortunately for me, they all get hungry about the time I am outside doing my chores then doing my photography!

I personally think this is a young hummingbird of the rufous species…. possibly a adult female… however just the way it behaves I really think it is a juvenile??

This species is rather aggressive and new I was there. These hummers appear to think my camera is perhaps one of them?? Hovering in front of me as if checking me out as if making sure I am not going to be stealing anything from their territory? At times hovering in front of me so close that a photograph was impossible to get with the lens I have on my camera for these shots.

Well lets get on with the photographs shall we??

What I did was, I stood in one spot for 45 minutes to a hour and just waited. At times finding things to photograph just so my camera would make the click click noise! That is all it took as I stood near our patch of zinnia flowers! Yes I have a tripod, the question is, do I use my tripod? The answer is no. Not my style, and frankly this lens just is not big enough to need it on a tripod. It extends a foot, 12″?

The shot above he took notice of where the noise of my camera was coming from. There was oh three sessions with this little one. In the middle of the sessions the hummingbird would go and rest. Which of course would give me a chance to rest.

The photo above just makes me laugh when I look at it! Birds are not stupid, and it just appears to me as I was working on getting these photographs, that this little one was trying to play peekaboo with me. The clicking of my camera stopped when the hummingbird was low on those flowers, however when feeding on the top zinnia flowers the clicking of my camera commenced!

I personally like the hummer on the red zinnias, the color is darker and makes the color of the hummer POP. However this is just my opinion. Our worst critics after all is ourselves!

What I like about this shot above is, this hummingbird is flying backwards. I am a avid bird watcher. With this said, never had I seen another species of bird do this, nor have I photographed any other bird doing this! At the time of going backwards, this hummingbird is also “talking”.

Ok, I am trying not to bombard you with to many photographs. I will show two more and if you want to see all of the photographs they are in my birds,seed and insect eaters album.

This shot this hummingbird was happily talking.

This shot was just colorful! We have had a pretty good patch of zinnias in this spot this year which surprised us since we had someones pets here destroying parts of the garden. Anyone can clearly see the damage done by these pests called pets. We do not condone folks allowing their pets to destroy other people property. To bad others do not feel this way.

Thank you for coming by my yard, seeing my photography!

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