This bird was brought up lately.

We were heading up into the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness and seen this bird. What caught my eye is the yellow/orange “eyebrows”. Well I just had to confront this fellow and take a photograph! I did not realize what I was in for!! I take many photographs of many things, much bigger wildlife than this bird.

BUT I tell you, I have not come across something this aggressive in quite a while! Guy is in the truck with the dogs, I am in the road with camera in hand and getting attacked by this bird!

I wear a metal brace which protects a broken bone I have in my wrist/arm so I do not hurt it even more. If it were not for this metal (or whatever it is in there), this bird would have had me bloody for it just kept attacking!  I tend to protect myself with my left arm.

If I were not laughing so hard I might have gotten some better photographs, but it was very hard to contain my laughter! The size of a small chicken, but the heart of the biggest lion this grouse was going for bear and my size was not going to intimidate him!!

I looked over at Guy and here he is just laughing too!! Here are the photographs I happen to get as all this was going on.

Update, around April 29th watching A documentary about Oregon, I found out these birds are close to being on the endangered species list here…..

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