Happy New Year ! Meet the Downy Woodpecker who is one of several who come to our property to feed on all the insect the little bird can find. Which is fine by us!!

This Downy Woodpecker does not have the red feathers you will see on the males. So this woodpecker is the female .

Since the Hairys look similar, but to me their heads are shaped differently….  I wondered, “Do we have the Hairy Woodpecker here in Oregon?” , Sure enough we do!

Ok back on track here ha! We tend to have the Downy Woodpeckers here at home quite a lot. Not all the time per say , but quite a lot! This one was going back and forth from the tree you see in the photographs to our suet feeder, back to the apple tree.

Everything seams to like the peanut butter suet ! The Downy Woodpecker is no different ! This bird came to it several times!

The Downy Woodpeck’s call is quite loud for being such a little bird, that is how I know they are here somewhere nearby.

We have several species of Woodpecker that finds our home a desirable place to be, though they sound different.

All the birds get used to you and I and these Downy Woodpeckers do not seam to mind people at all! You can see from my photographs this one even took a break there in the tree! I recall taking photographs of another one on the sunflowers even!

Everything likes the apple tree ! So other birds do tend to show up and run whatever it is I am photographing away, I like to give the wildlife some time to come back. This takes some waiting around, but it is worth it in my eyes!

When dealing with any wildlife it takes time…. They do what they do and if we are watching or photographing them fine and dandy, just dont invade their space –

Someone commented that they wished my thoughts made a longer post. Well, I can go and copy and paste stuff, but that is not my style. If photographs are worth a thousand words then I have it made right haha!

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