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Bachelor Button Flower and The Hoverfly

18 Nov 2014

Meet the Hoverfly. This is one of the species of Hoverflys we have here at home. The flower in which the Hoverfly is working on is the Bachelor Button Flower or the Cornflower I notice in Europe (or my European friends call them the Cornflower).

The Bachelor Button Flower or Corn Flower is a weed here in my state of Oregon. Very pretty weed with colors of flowers from the basic blue you see here, to pinks,white,on and on and then the two tone colors!! The Bachelor Button Flower or Corn Flower attracts a lot of pollinators!! Like the saying, "a Bee to Honey", well this flower attracts all kinds of insects!! One just has to be careful that the Bachelor Button Flower or Corn Flower does not take over the world!!

Because of the facts above in 2014 I controlled the Bachelor Button Flower or Corn Flower. I left one very nice big "bush", six plants or so growing in the front flower bed near the road where the plant did not get much water, a lot of hot sun, and the Bachelor Button Flower or Corn Flower flourished!! Attracting such insects as this Hoverfly.

The Bachelor Button Flower or Corn Flower being a invasive plant still does good for our gardens!! Like the Butterfly Bush, that has made the State of Oregon noxious plant list (link is external), also does good for the butterflies. So ying yang, just depends how one feels and how much responsibility they want to take for what they choose to grow in their gardens? Not sure you can get in trouble per say for growing such plants, just dont let such plants get out of hand...... the pollinators really do like this particular flower!!

In 2014 we had a nice population of Hoverflys! The frogs/toads and the birds, other insects eat the Hoverflys , and the Hoverlies do a fantastic job at Pollinating everything it touches!! Just keep in mind when you see the Hoverfly, they are not bee's , they will not hurt you or the kids (not that you or the kids will ever be able to reach out and just touch one. They are fast!!), the Hoverflys are also fun to watch! Thank you for coming by and checking out my Photographs of the Bachelor Button Flower and The Hoverfly!

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