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Baby Starling

31 May 2011

Sunday I headed to our ponds to see what was going on. One of the boys was going after something, that is our English Mastiff dogs. I thought it was the frogs and I do not like them going after the frogs.

Much to my surprise it was not a frog the dog was going after, but this baby starling. Telling the dog to get back I grabbed one of the shovels for the little bird to hop on, which it did and I held the poor tired thing in my hands and went to grab a extra cage so the baby bird could rest. The baby starling was sleeping in my hands by the time Guy fetched a extra cage.

One of my sons grabbed some bedding, I put some water in the cage with the baby starling. The starling woke up by this time, drank and drank the water. Took a bath, cleaned himself real good.

The baby starling talked and talked and talked as I took a little nap. By the time I woke from my nap the baby starling was all rested and ready to go!! I took the baby starling outside where I found him, let him go where he took off !

I am glad the little baby bird was not hurt by the dogs!! Better yet did not fall into the pond!

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