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golden eagle web

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This is the web size of this photograph. I like going down into the canyon which is part of Lake Billy Chinook and where Eagle Watch is put on every year by the Warm Springs Tribe. This spot is a eagle, "hot spot", where we were at. Typically Bald Eagles are found since they do nest in the area. This day was a little different for this Eagle pictured here did not yell at me as the eagle do in this spot. I started getting photographs of this very large bird. When the eagle started showing signs of stress I backed off. This Golden Eagle took off flying, this is when the classical Golden Eagle feathers were seen. Low and behold several Bald Eagles came out of no where and took off after this Eagle. Now we know why it was perched silently where it was! I photographed the fight that went on and have the photographs of a young Bald Eagle watching over this Golden Eagle with several other Bald Eagles around but not close enough to be in the same frame as the one was.

I do photography full time and have thousands of images I am getting up on this computer as time permits. Contact me with any questions you may have at my website

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