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Meet the biggest eagle we have in North America, the Golden Eagle! I photographed this Golden Eagle at a coyote kill in one of the most active places for such things, the nearest town of Post Oregon. Continue reading
Nature can be not so nice. Animals have to eat, this is just the way it is. Birds of prey are a favorite of mine to capture with my camera. I like to get them hunting and when I get a chance, to get them eating. Continue reading
For a couple days now this little girl has been showing up. When I first saw her I thought what a funny looking bird. Now that I have watched her for two days now, I feel rather sorry for her. It is our fault these birds are being altered like this, or this is the way I see it. Chemicals are more likely to blame. Continue reading
Meet the Downy Woodpecker. The smallest woodpecker in North America. Like all woodpeckers who can be found in trees, woody bushes, or even at the backyard bird feeder. This small woodpecker has a nice disposition, well as far as wild birds go! Not afraid of humans or does not appear to be! They will walk around the tree or what not as if playing hide - and - go- seek with you. Continue reading
Butterflies are fascinating creatures big and small! Watching them flutter from this place or that place is quite the hobby for many people. I am no different! On this day as I was out tending the flowers I noticed this little one fluttering here and there and thought what the hay , lets get some photographs! That I did. Continue reading
Meet the Hoverfly. This is one of the species of Hoverflys we have here at home. The flower in which the Hoverfly is working on is the Bachelor Button Flower or the Cornflower I notice in Europe (or my European friends call them the Cornflower). Continue reading
Meet this American Robin Bird Fledgling! This Robin Bird Fledgling is in the Lilacs. The Lilacs even after blooming season give such things as these fledglings a nice place to hide! My observations is, the fledglings either stop here at the Lilacs if they are to young to make it to the fruit tree. Or the fledglings are to afraid to get into the fruit tree just yet? Continue reading
New Oregon State Bird For my lifetime as well as many of you the Western Meadowlark has been Oregon's state bird.Given the status by school children back in the late 1920's. Somethings I always thought was neat was to give school children such a voice. Continue reading
Wildlife of Oregon Through this design update to these links will go directly to Mrsroadrunner Photography site. Once I get these all uploaded , the link will go to their respective places within Thank you for understanding! Coralie Continue reading

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