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Siskiyou Chipmunk Wildlife Photography

31 Aug 2011
I like watching the squirrels and the chipmunks.

This pair of Siskiyou Chipmunks was seen on our National Grasslands and we really do not see to many there.  

We have the Golden-Mantled Ground squirrel who looks similar, but does not have the stripes into the face.These are very loud little things and if they were not so loud I may not have even seen them on this log! Here in Central Oregon we have a way of having MANY rodents who cause damage to the land, however these Siskiyou Chipmunks live in trees and the like.

There is a couple here, the one on the left is just chatting up a storm! The one on the right, well that one seams to be listening but soon leaves. The chatty one you can see it wondering why it is by itself.

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