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Pair of Bald Eagles Waiting Their Turn in Central Oregon

05 Feb 2011

Pair of Bald Eagles Waiting Their Turn in Central Oregon

Our adventures start out usually early in the morning. I woke up late, yes I admit! I got up gosh at 4 am or something. Guy was already up and drinking his coffee. I only have to get myself and my camera ready. Guy has the truck, the dogs, our lunch and extra truck supplies to get ready. We left here a little before 5am, before the sun came up and hopefully before to much wildlife movement gets started.   The plan was to head to the Malheur National Forest. This drive is always a good one. We head to Madras for gas, munchies. Head to Prineville, to Post, drive on the public roads through large ranches, (historical Izee ranch  than and the Az which that one we are not sure if the road actually goes through that one?), than we hit the Malheur forest (getting the truck we just got, stuck in a 3' snow drift will be a story for another time). The only reason we go to the forest first off is, the dogs have to get out and go to the bathroom. This drive is really all private property, thus we have to be careful of going onto private land. Everyone needs permission from the land owners to go onto their property but the forest believe to us all. We came upon An unkindness of ravens and the ravens are something we are always on the look out for. Why? Because ravens have this reputation of being very good scavengers and these groups of ravens will fight off even eagles to win the prize! Ravens are very smart, humans are not something they have learned to like and when they flew off and I noticed a deer carcass. Knowing that eagles and other birds of prey are scavengers as well, it only takes one to look around to find other species of birds who are looking for a way to win  their dinners too. This instance was no difference. Off in the distance was a pair of Bald Eagles waiting for their chance. Or who knows maybe they already ate and were full?? This is the first set of photographs. In the one photograph another bird joined the bald eagles in the tree. Than, because Post Oregon is cattle and farming country, a heifer walked through some of the photographs. The pair of eagles did realize this but in the photograph shown something else got their attention. Than I added the male Bald Eagle who was watching the ravens and has his head cocked.



You can see in the photographs of the pair of Bald Eagles. Female Bald Eagles are the largest of the male and female. I am not a wildlife expert by no means! I can only assume this pair of bald eagles are at least 5 years old since I do not see any brown in their white feathers? I learned so much since I really got serious about this web site and showing my photographs on the computer about the wild animals I photograph! This next set of photographs , I think I have to upload them backwards to come out with the story, but if I mess up you will get the gist of what is going on. When birds get ready to fly they will tell us by body language. In no way was I doing anything to scare the birds other then just pointing my camera at them. Wild animals are not like tame ones. Humans are not to be trusted, therefor they really do not want attention brought to themselves. The pair of Bald Eagles noticed I was paying attention to them thus the female was getting ready to fly. She looked around first, then stiffened up, I added a photograph of her stance. Than she took off and the male just watched her.


In this next and last series I kept the camera on the female. She flew onto private property, of course always my luck!! This private property was behind the Post Oregon's store, post office (all in one type thing. It is not a big town) and the grange hall. I figured I got enough photographs and had other critters to photograph which I will show later.

It was really cool to see all this! I did not show all the photographs I have of this pair of Bald Eagles but I think this is enough. Thank you for coming by and sharing with us our adventure!

UPDATE - Since these were taken back in 2011 things have changed for rural Oregon. I hear the mail no longer delivers to such places due to cut backs. The ranchers are still doing their thing trying to make ends meet as we all are. I am not sure if the one business out here is still doing their thing or not? I would have loved to have my camera equipment i have now back then...

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