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Old Homestead Oregon

17 Jan 2011

I take a lot of photographs, with this said I do not ever think I posted about this old homestead?

Here in our part of the world, to get to anywhere we choose to take the back roads.

We can take the more traveled roads, but this takes all the fun out of going on a road trip!

We were heading up to Washington, which really is not that far away drive and I like to look around, period!

On our way home we both seen this old homestead I think at the same time!

Since we both have a thing about going onto private property, which this obviously was, neither one of us wanted to trespass. Though both of us would really like to get onto this property!!

This is right up our alley! With both of us loving old western buildings and things.The barn does look as if it is still in use.

The boys were with us and my boys know for fact that this is just a part of life. That is stopping at places, or pulling off on the side of the road because mom saw something I just have to go photograph. Of course they get to hear what Guy or I know about such things as well. I guess some could call this their education haha! My boys have gotten to see many things. Even though they may not want too.

On this day , as we headed out of Madras where I just had to get a coffee on the road trip haha, we were out on the hwy where a large ranch is located (I can not recall the name at this moment).

I was bummed out for a cowboy (yes we really have them here), was moving horses. I wanted and requested that we stop immediately. Well I did not get my way, being on a busy road and such. I admit, I pouted for a little bit!

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