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New Oregon State Bird

09 Apr 2017

New Oregon State Bird

For my lifetime as well as many of you the Western Meadowlark has been Oregon's state bird.Given the status by school children back in the late 1920's. Somethings I always thought was neat was to give school children such a voice.

These school childrens voice was hushed lately. No big Enterprise, since children have little say in such things as politics , what they want. School children are better seen then heard..... I guess

The Western Meadowlark is a beautiful singer. Numbers are declining due to habitat loss , however this colorful song bird is still surviving, still singing the song they are known for. Much like us native Oregonians whose lifestyles have drastically changed much like the Western Meadowlark , some of us have felt we needed to move to hold onto our lifestyle. Native Oregonians are a dying breed, much like the Western Meadowlark.

Move over Western Meadowlark, your song is no longer in style. Move over childish choices and make way for bigger, flashier more common state bird the Osprey . Some may know of the Osprey by the names, Fish Hawk, Fish Eagle, River Hawk, Sea Hawk... all the same bird.

I watch the news everyday. I try and catch our local news out of Bend Oregon, but do catch the Portland Oregon news daily - even if it is streaming from their website. I still catch the news. I personally never heard this story on the regular news. I started going to the, "Oregon", feed on Twitter. This is where I found out about this issue and it has bothered me ever since.

I read this, "The osprey is like Oregon,” Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward said. “We are fierce. We are independent. We are ubiquitous across our state. You can find an osprey nesting along any body of water in this entire state whether it’s urban or rural". From The Stateman Journal of April 8, 2017 this statement got me going.....

No one asked your opinion or mine about this. We live where the Western Medowlark lives. We also live as many other people do where the Osprey breed, and fish, lets face it who does not live where Osprey are here in the western states of America? They are so common it is not even funny.... I would not call Native Oregonians, "Common", in fact it is getting harder to find us in our own state.

My son calls the Osprey, "pests". I am not so sure I want to go to that extent. The Osprey is not a independent bird like what was stated. "Fierce", ever seen a Osprey fighting with a Bald Eagle for food? The two speices share food, share nests. I feel that is what my grown child meant by, "pest". The Osprey depend very much on people and our love of keeping such things as water and fish healthy. Ever seen half eaten fish laying in a spot that is just out of place? The Osprey are amazing at fishing... lately a photographer had photographed a Osprey who had two fish in its talons.

I like the Osprey. I however do not feel the Osprey is a good choice of a state bird. In fact what I have read of what these politicians have said about the Osprey I just feel they just dont know what they are talking about. As many of you, I do not know this Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward. I really do not know if she has done any homework on this or not??

Because we do have the Western Meadowlark here in our town as well as all over the area here in the High Desert, everyone has heard them singing, I photograph them even, I do not feel they are a bad choice the school children made.

I do feel these politicians have made a mistake. With the decline of salmon and other fish in our state that that make up most of the diet of the Osprey, the fighting the Osprey do with the eagles for food and nesting sites. I feel the future does not look good. I do not feel the Ospey is a good representation of Oregonians.

State Sen. Fred Girod said, "Meadowlarks have a nice call, Girod said, but they are not that exciting. "I want to get kids jazzed, and I want to get them jazzed about birds," he said at the hearing, "and it's kind of difficult with the state bird that we have." Oregon Live newspaper on April 7,2017

Being a avid bird watcher, photographer I just do not agree with such statements. Do these people not understand you want children to get ,"Jazzed" over something you need to be a example. Bigger, flashier , common is not always better....... The Western Meadowlark is special... just like Oregonians.

Just goes to show the changing of the times...... all images and words are mine but for that which I quoted and gave browny points to.

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