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Green Eyed Bee and The Honey bees Nature Photo

12 Aug 2011

There was so many honeybees at the community garden I went to yesterday! I was doing all I could to keep up with the honeybees and take other photographs.

This is on a squash flower and I gently pulled back on of the peddles to see what was inside. Many bees were inside doing their thing! The bee in question that got my attention had something on him (I thought at the time), so kept the lens pointed at it.

Only when I got home and started going through the photographs did I notice the bee did not have something on him, but had colored eyes. I thought well, maybe the light was hitting the bees eye just right? Then I went to the next photograph, and the next.

I will post the photographs and let you see for yourself.

If you know what kind of species of bee this is, would you help this photographer out? I am just a tad bit curious now!! Found out , this is a Green Eyed Bee Teddy Bear Bee Golden Hair Mortar Bee.

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