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Cultus Lake Oregon

06 Oct 2017

One thing to be sure of here in Oregon is? We do have magnificent views! 

We like going to such places as Cultus Lake on the off seasons when tourists are not here. With tourism at a all time high here in our part of Oregon I like to show you when the area was not so developed for the visitors. These images have been tucked away in my archive , just waiting for me to breath life back into them!

We showed up here at Cultus Lake in November. The whole area was peaceful back then. The resort was closed , not another soul was in site!  Perfect!! These images were taken around noon and it sure felt like winter was on its way! 

Cultus Lake is a natural lake. Meaning the lake was formed by glaciers. You can see in one of my photographs how clear the water is when no one is around!! 

Lately the Lake has gone through thinning of weakened, sick trees. Though next year in 2018 things will be back to normal! This happening was big news in our part of Oregon as many people had to cancel their plans. This was important for people not to get hurt! 

The salmon I am sure did not mind the break from the fishing visitors, meaning there will be just that many more fish in 2018! We sure liked the area when we were there and when I took these photographs!

Images taken on 11/14/2008

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